All Inclusive Menu

Enjoy a selection of our chef’s mouthwatering sample menus.
Your personal chef would like to ensure that all guests onboard
are given the opportunity to choose their favorite meals and drinks.

Review our variation of preferences available.


Breakfast - Sample Menu

  • Overnight oats with yogurt,
    poached pear, pecan praline
    and seasonal berries
  • Red Velvet Pancakes and citrus
    marscapone served maple bacon
  • Mexican corn fritter with goat
    cheese, lime, cilantro, fried eggs
    and grilled chorrizo
  • Breakfast salad stack of spinach
    with poached eggs, grilled tomato
    and crispy prosciutto
  • Poached eggs over sweet potato
    hash, baby kale and herbs, and
    horseradish creme fresh

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Lunch - Sample Menu

  • Cantaloupe salad with prosciutto
    and shredded buffalo mozzarella
    drizzled with grape musk reduction
  • Thai green papaya salad with
    grilled skirt steak
  • Island shrimp ceviche with cilantro,
    spring onions, coconut cream, and
    fresh orange-lime juice and zest
  • Chilled watermelon & stone fruit
    gazpacho served with grilled shrimp

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Appetizers - Sample Menu

  • Captain’s two bean salad of black
    and white beans, with (shredded
    cheese), jalapeño, corn, tomato,
    and red bell pepper.
  • Diablo chicken skewers - smothered
    in creamy chipotle sauce
  • Sweet and spicy thai chicken breast
    with finely chopped red onion, cilantro,
    and red pepper.
  • Artichoke Arranchini with sun dried
    tomato pesto.

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Dinner - Sample Menu

  • Fish Tacos with blackened seared
    tilapia, pickled red cabbage, cilantro
    and home made salsa verde.
  • Chicken and chorizo baked meatballs
    with grilled string beans and
    Romesco sauce
  • Captain’s broiled salmon caramelized
    brown sugar and lime dressing with
    side of pineapple fried quinoa
  • Chimichurri skirt steak with Mexican
    street corn (roasted corn, chipotle
    aioli, queso fresco, lime, and
    smoked paprika)

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Dessert - Sample Menu

  • Home made brownies with vanilla
    ice cream
  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate
    then in crushed almonds
  • Nutella and banana crepes with
    whipped cream.
  • Home made Nutella cinnamon rolls
    with amaretto whipped cream
  • Riccotta mouse with praline and fresh
    berries (or fresh berry syrup) and
    balsamic honey reduction

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