Travel FAQs



Yes. All passengers travelling to the BVI require a valid passport.

US Dollars are used throughout the BVI. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted throughout the BVI. There is limited ATM access across the islands.

Atlantic Standard Time (AST) -4hrs GMT and +1hr EST.

Arrival - $10pp Environmental & Tourist levy will be collected at all ports of entry upon arrival

Departure - $20pp departure tax. Generally departure tax is included in your flight ticket.

The electrical current is 110 volts.

There is limited storage onboard for luggage. We recommend travelling with soft fold down luggage or duffle bags.

The dress code in the BVI is laid back and casual (shorts, t-shirts, swimwear, hats, sunglasses and beach shoes). The more upmarket restaurants will require a sundress for ladies and long pants/trousers and a collared shirt for men.

Travel sized toiletries and insect repellents. Auxiliary cables for playing music through your device.

We recommend packing prescription medication and a change of clothing in your carry-on bag should your luggage arrive a little later to the dock than you do.

Please wear deck shoes only. Small stones and sand collected under the soles of outdoor shoes can scratch and damage the deck surfaces.

Every guests is provided with a set of bath, hand and beach towels and one change of bath and hand towels.

Yes, each cabin is equipped with a full set of spare linens.

We ask that no suntan oils are used on board and spray on sunscreens only be applied on the back of the boat. If sprayed on the deck they can turn extremely slippery and can cause injury to crew. We also prefer PABA free lotions as PABA stains the fibreglass.