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July 22nd, 2021




Update: Effective July 22nd, 2021

In line with other countries around the world, the British Virgin Islands is easing travel restrictions for fully vaccinated visitors and adjusting the protocols for those who are unvaccinated. A person is deemed to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 two weeks after they have received both doses of an approved two-dose vaccine, such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer, or Moderna or one shot of a single-dose vaccine such as Johnson & Johnson.

Click here to read the latest travel notes while traveling to the British Virgin Islands.

Entry Requirements:

  • Effective July 19, 2021, persons who are fully vaccinated must now receive a rapid antigen test for Covid-19 upon arrival.
  • Fully vaccinated guests will be free to enjoy the destination immediately upon completion of the arrival RT-PCR test without the need for quarantine.
  • The fee for the above is $50.00 per person
  • A curfew is in place through August 6, 2021, from 7:00pm – 5:00am nightly.

BVI Points of Entry and Exit

  • West End Ferry Terminal – Arrivals and departures by Private Water Taxi

  • Terrance B. Lettsome Airport - Fully open

  • Road Town Ferry Terminal - Twice daily arrivals and departures to and from St. Thomas

  • Dog Hole Dock, Jost Van Dyke

  • St. Thomas Bay Dock, Virgin Gorda

For full information, please click here.

Guest Arrivals at VOYAGE Charters

  • Fully vaccinated guests will receive in person vessel briefings, concierge and front desk services. They are also free to receive their pre-ordered provisions and watersports equipment.

Entry Requirements:

  • All visitors must have a negative RT-PCR or approved rapid antigen test 5 days prior to entry and MUST COMPLETE THE ONLINE PORTAL,, no later than 48 hours prior to travel. They will also need to show proof of vaccination.

  • Visitors will be subject to a RT- PCR test upon arrival in the Territory (day zero).

  • Partially vaccinated visitors will need to quarantine for 4 days and will require a second PCR test on Day 4.

  • Children aged 5-17 will be tested on arrival. They will be released from quarantine together with their parents/guardians once tests for the entire group are negative. Unvaccinated children will be subject to a SECOND test on Day 4.

  • Unvaccinated visitors will be required to quarantine for SEVEN (7) days.

  • The fee for the above is $175.00 per person.

BVI Points of Entry and Exit

  • Entry into the territory must be through either Terrance. B Lettsome Airport or via a scheduled ferry service at Road Town Ferry Terminal.

  • Terrance. B Lettsome Airport on Beef Island is fully open.

  • Road Town ferry terminal has twice daily arrivals and departures to St Thomas.

  • Visitors can also choose to depart direct from Soper’s Hole by private water taxi to St Thomas.

For full information, please click here.

Guest Arrivals at VOYAGE Charters

    Partially or unvaccinated guests. VOYAGE charters have streamlined your check in and vessel orientation process in order to reduce person to person contact time at the VOYAGE base.

  • All check-in and briefing paperwork, specific to your yacht, will be sent to you prior to your arrival.

  • Your VOYAGE concierge will schedule a call for you with a VOYAGE briefing captain to review the specifications and operation of your vessel and answer any initial questions you may have.

  • Unvaccinated guests must remain within the bubble of their yacht, at approved anchorages, for the duration of the 7-day quarantine period. They will also need to take a 2nd RT-PCR test on Day 4 a 3rd test on Day 7.

    If you need assistance with your test results, please contact Ms. Fahie on: +1 (284) 468-2274 or +1 (284) 468-2285.

  • Once you receive your final negative test result you are free to enjoy the BVI as you wish. Please remember to practice social distancing and wear a mask in public places.

    For removal/return of tracking devices, kindly contact your nearest police station.

    Please call ahead to make sure an officer is on duty.

Police Stations:

Location Contact number
Road Town +1 (284) 368-5371
Cane Garden Bay +1 (284) 368-9137
West End +1 (284) 368-9706
Virgin Gorda +1 (284) 368-9522
Anegada +1 (284) 368-9137
Jost Van Dyke +1 (284) 368-9211

Anchorage Descriptions

Norman Island

  • 1. Soldier Bay - We recommend picking up a mooring ball but anchoring is possible in suitable conditions.

  • 2. Benures Bay - We recommend picking up a mooring ball but anchoring is possible in suitable conditions.

Peter Island

  • 3. Little Harbour - Landfall Prohibited! No mooring balls available here, anchoring only. The sea bed is sandy with some sea grass. Stern to is favored here but requires experience. Keep clear of dock in the upper Eastern corner.

  • 4. Great Harbour - Landfall Prohibited! We recommend picking up a mooring ball here (there are plenty). This is a good shelter in rough weather. You can anchor only in the upper Eastern corner, in front of the mooring field, if you have experience.

  • 5. Deadman’s Bay - Landfall Prohibited! No mooring balls available here, anchoring only. Do not anchor here if there is a North swell running. Anchoring is straight forward here but watch the reef to the Eastern point of the bay upon entrance to the bay. The chart marks it out clearly. Favor anchorage up into the Eastern corner of the bay in 10 – 16 feet depth. Try to avoid anchoring to the West of the bay as it gets much deeper.

  • 6. Spring Bay - No mooring balls available here, anchoring only. Enough space for two vessels only. Look for sand in 10 – 20 feet in the middle of the bay.

  • 7. White Bay - No mooring balls available here, anchoring only. Good overnight anchorage, sheltered in most wind and swell conditions except if wind goes to the South West (very uncommon).

  • 8. South Bay - No mooring balls available here, anchoring only. Good holding in about 20-30 feet, can be a bit of swell that wraps around the southern point. Be aware not to anchor on the reef. Wind can be very gusty and change direction frequently as it passes through the valley on the island, so don’t anchor too close to the shore.

Virgin Gorda

  • 9. Valley Trunk Bay - No mooring balls available here, anchoring only. This is a beautiful place to anchor in calm weather. We do not recommend anchoring here if a North swell is running. The sea bed is sandy with a few coral heads close to shore. Do not anchor on coral.

  • 10. Long Bay - No mooring balls available here, anchoring only. Slow and careful navigation between Eastern and Western reefs. The sea bed is sandy, but do pay attention to swing room with adjacent reefs. We do not advise anchoring here if crowded.

  • 11. Malone Bay - We recommend picking up a mooring ball here (there are plenty). Anchoring is also easy here on the outer limits of the mooring field in 14 – 25 feet. The sea bed is thick sea grass so make sure to set the anchor properly.


  • 12. Pomato Point, Anegada - You may only go here with permission from a VOYAGE captain or the VOYAGE base manager. No mooring balls available here, anchoring only. Anchoring requires knowledge of depth zones. Anchor in front of mooring field North favoring the East. Depth is 6 – 9 feet. Watch the reef which sits North in front of Potters Bar and Grill and runs out far to the East 200 – 300 yards. DO NOT try anchor deeper into the bay towards the shore, keep on outskirts.

  • 13. Lee Bay, Camanoe - No mooring balls available here, anchoring only. Anchor placement is important. Head towards the shore line keeping the middle line of the bay. Drop the anchor on sand in 10 – 12 feet and fall back. You may see the depth drop fairly quickly. Make sure to set the anchor well to test that you have dropped in a good patch of sand. Some holding here is tricky. Make sure NO NORTH swell and no Southerly / Westerly weather. You are anchoring on a Lee shore.

  • 14. Manchioneel Bay - Little Jost Van Dyke – You can choose to anchor in Manchioneel Bay but if there is a north swell running, you can and we recommend that you pick up one of the mooring balls in front of Bee Line Bar.

Day Stops Only

  • A. Hallovers Bay - Cooper Island - You may only go here with permission from a VOYAGE captain or the VOYAGE base manager. Day Moorings ONLY, NO ANCHORING.


  • C. Muskmelon Bay, Guana - You may only go here with permission from a VOYAGE captain or the VOYAGE base manager. No mooring balls available here, anchoring only in suitable conditions.

Through USVI

  • Effective July 19, 2021, travellers from the BVI to the USVI must provide either a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours of travel, or a positive antibody test result taken within 4 months (marine) and 3 months (air) of travel.
  • The USVI requires all international travelers to complete - The U.S. Virgin Islands Screening Portal.

Through Puerto Rico

  • If traveling through Puerto Rico: Every guest on board should read the information provided in the following link - Travel Safe

  • Puerto Rico requires all international travelers to complete the PR Travel Safe Portal and provide ONE of the following:

  • A negative COVID-19 test taken within 3 days of departure

  • Documentation of recovery from COVID-19 within the past 90 days for entry.

  • Vaccinated travelers can upload their vaccination card into the PR TRAVELSAFE portal in lieu of a test result.

Testing Facilities:

Location Facility Contact number Testing hours
Road Town, Tortola Orlando Smith Hospital +1 (284) 852-7650 10:30am – last patient
Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda Irish O’Neal Clinic +1 (284) 852-7700 / 7707 10:00am – 12:00pm
Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke JVD Clinic (behind the primary school) +1 (284) 852-7795 7:45am – 8:00am

Please call at least 3 days before appointment date.

Pre-Arrival Countdown

Travel insurance with medical coverage is mandatory for B.V.I. visitor entry. Travel Guard’s All Season Travel Plan: Beach is an option and has been used by many of our guests.

Decide which PCR or approved rapid antigen testing service you are going to use well ahead of your departure. An option for PCR testing is Pixel by LabCorp. It is an in-home self-collected test that uses FedEx for delivery and collection. The service has worked well for some of our VOYAGE staff and other VOYAGE charters guests. Each person must order their own test kit and register it before returning.

If you have been fully or partially vaccinated, bring a copy of your vaccination record with you.

Keep up to date on any changes in travel restrictions for your destination and places you will pass through en-route. If traveling through St Thomas meant we needed to complete the USVI entry on their portal and obtain clearance. Yes, this was required even if just connecting straight to your B.V.I. flight. The process is quite easy to complete but make sure you have a copy of your negative test result and entry approval email, you need to show this to board your USVI flight.

10 Days Prior to departure

Order PCR tests kits or schedule RT-PCR test / approved rapid antigen test for Day 5.

9 Days Prior

If using Pixel by LabCorp, test kits will arrive. Open and review the instructions.

8 Days Prior

Visit B.V.I. gateway portal and go through the requirements of the entry process. If you are travelling via Puerto Rico or St Thomas, you will also need to visit their travel portals to obtain entry clearance.

Reach out to your VOYAGE charter sales agent if you need advice on what is required.

5 Days Prior

If you have not already done so, register your Pixel test kit and take your self-test. Drop at a FedEx location before last collection of the day or schedule pick up. Alternately, take your approved RT-PCR test / rapid antigen test.

4 Days Prior

Track test kit back to LabCorp.

3 Days Prior

Receive email notification of negative PCR test result.

Assemble documents needed for the entry portals. Each traveler requires a separate entry. Allow 30 minutes per person to complete an entry on the BVIgateway. Have pdf copies to upload of your vaccination record, negative test result, travel insurance policy and VOYAGE charters booking confirmation. Passport information is required. Complete bvigateway entry application and receive a confirmation email.

If you have any issues with the online portal, please contact:

  • Miss. McShane on +1 (284) 468-5510

  • OR Lynette Harrigan on +1 (284) 440-6000

Complete USVI or Puerto Rico traveler entry application

Receive confirmation email with tracking number

2 Days Prior

Receive Travel Authorization document from the BVI gateway. Print or have digital copies of all passenger’s entry documentation, you will be required to show these prior to boarding flights and upon arrival.

1 Days Prior

Receive entry clearance for St Thomas or Puerto Rico. Have document with QR code on phone to present on arrival.

Check in online for flights.

Put all your travel documents in one easily accessible place. You must include the negative test result and BVI Travel Authorization for each passenger.

Travel Day

Allow plenty of time to check in and get to your departure gate. You will be carrying or, need access to, extra documents (negative test result, entry approval) so make sure you are organized. Listen to the announcements at your boarding gates so you don’t miss having your documents pre-checked. Buy or bring along food and snacks for the flight.